PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (NEWS CENTER) — A company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has made the list of the best places to work nearly a dozen times.

They offer unlimited vacation time and even free dry cleaning, but there's one benefit that may top them all: you can bring your best friend to work.

The company of about 110 employees is located in a converted machine shop at the former Pease Air Force Base, There's plenty of room for a walk around the building, where treats are never in short supply.

Outside, the four-legged friends socialize, play fetch and get some exercise.

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Trevor Hughes founded the company originally in York. He brought his dog to take an edge of the loneliness or working by himself. As the company expanded he allowed other employees to bring their best friends.

He says while it's a rare perk at most companies, there are huge benefits — productivity, morale and job satisfaction all increase for most people who come into contact with pets.

The dog-friendly culture has been in place for 15 years and there haven't been any major bumps along the way. No issues with allergies and it's up to the dog owners to deal with a problem if it arises.

"They understand their dogs, if it's an office dog, if it barks a lot," said employee and dog owner Amanda Charbonneau. "I mean, if it's confrontational, people generally know how to handle their dogs."

Going to the dogs here means you're almost never apart from your best friend, and for many of these employees, it's the only way to work.