NEW GLOUCESTER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A Maine state trooper who was the first to respond to a shooting that left a mother dead is reconnecting with the children he stood guard over.

Trooper Nathan Jamo hadn't seen the four children since July 2011, when Joel Hayden of New Bedford, Massachusetts, shot Renee Sandora and a friend who was trying to help her with a domestic violence situation at the family's home.

Jamo pulled into the driveway of Pat and Mark Gerber for an unrelated reason last week. After chatting they recognized each other and took a picture of the children and posted it on social media. Three of the victim's children were under the age of 2 at the time of the shooting. The oldest boy Ja'kai was 7. He witnessed his father shoot his mother. He also testified against Hayden who is serving a life sentence.

Sandora's mother adopted her daughter's children with her husband. They range in age from 6 to 13 years old. Jamo says he plans on being much more than that to the kids who have gone through so much in their young lives.

"I know they are busy with activities in the summer but whenever I drive by and see them out in the driveway I will stop and play some basketball with them and get them to spin it on their finger," Jamo said.

All of the children participate in sports and other activities and all are doing well at school. One of the twins, Jiselle says she wants to become a police officer one day and Trooper Jamo plans on supporting her with that in the future.