(NEWS CENTER) -- Our first fish this week was hand delivered. Four year old Makayla Roberts of Cary North Carolina was fishing at her Grandma Marion Staples camp on Big Lake when she caught her first Big Ol’ Fish ever and it’s a beaut. Makayla was fishing with her grampy Bernie who personally hand delivered this photo to me. Thanks guys.

Eleven year old Jack Smart was trolling in a canoe when he snagged this brown trout on Little Wilson Pond. That’s using the old noggin Jack. Hey I’ll tell you what’s smart, wearing a life preserver while kayaking . . . sure, it’s the law, but it’s smart too.

Dover Foxcroft’s very own Joshua Sinclair (7) caught 5 sunfish at camp on Meddybemps and threw them all back. Good for you Josh hi -5. Here’s Josh and Isaac fishing at the grandparents and Isaac catching this sweet sixteen inch bass.

Different dock, different grandparents. This is Hunter Brewers (11) grandparents dock at their camp on Pemaquid Lake. I’m to believe this is Hunter Brewer although it’s hard to tell. Next huge bass you catch Hunter . . . hold it a little lower.

Like Sharidi Marie here with five year old daughter Braelyn. That’s the way to hold the bass and let us get a good look at ya. Well done ladies.

A lot of first fish this week. Here’s James Lewis. James was fishing at seven mile stream with his Aunt Janet who helped me with the pronunciation for Lake Aziscohos ahh-ZIS'-kuh-hoss.

I’m probably still butchering it but it’s ok I’m not a professional speaker.

Another first fish this is my buddy William Corwin. Lot of dock shots this week too. Anyway William captured his first fish at dusk on Range Pond in Poland. You know who else likes fishing at dusk? Yeah you do. Your old buddy Myk. So peaceful, so handsome.

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