HARPURSVILLE, New York (NEWS CENTER) — The day has finally arrived that April the Giraffe fans have been waiting for.

After waiting months for her to finally deliver the baby, he finally has a name.

April's young calf has been named TAJIRI which is Swahili.

He was named Monday, May 1st at Animal Adventure Park in New York state. Alyssa is April's trainer and people voted for her to name the calf. She chose the Swahili name meaning hope which is Tajiri but they zoo officials say they will call him Taj for short.

Millions across the nation watched the live birth of the not-so-little calf last month.

TAJIRI beat out 9 other names in a nationwide poll.

Some of the other choices were:

- "Alyssa's Choice" -Tajiri
- Apollo
- Geoffrey
- Gio
- Harpur
- Noah
- Ollie
- Patch
- Patches
- Unity