BETHEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Chapman Inn in Bethel was built in 1865 and bought by Sandra Frye and her late husband Fred 19 years ago.

"It was like walking into grandma's house. It was warm, cozy, comfortable," Sandra recalled.

The bed-and-breakfast's period details are lovely, but a few other original fixtures might still dwell there...

"I get a lot of stories over breakfast in the morning."

According to extensive research done by the late Fred Frye and the Bethel Historical Society, the home was lived in by the family of the wealthy William Rogers Chapman. He and his wife Emma had a daughter named Abigail, born very weak and unwell. A nanny was hired to be the girl's companion until Abigail died at age 16. When William passed away in 1927, he left the house to the nanny, sparking rumors she was his mistress. She lived in the house until her death 30 years later.

Over the years, guests have described hearing voices, feeling and seeing a female presence, and have also reported seeing a black cat that can walk through walls. Some believe Abigail and the nanny still haunt the inn...

"My one granddaughter was up in room one and the housekeeper's in cleaning the bathroom," said Sandry Frye. "She hears Allana talking, and she comes out and says Allana who are you talking to? And Allana says 'I'm talking to her,' and points at nothing."

In 2009, the paranormal investigating group Para Patrol spent the night at the Chapman Inn. They documented what they believe could be the mysterious ghost cat moving a ping pong ball around a room, and various frightening recordings. The inn's website now refers to the Chapman Inn as "certified haunted."

None of the supposed happenings have ever frightened guests off, in fact, Sandra says it keeps them coming back.

"I have people that come in, and they have their night cameras and things, and they sit up all night in here taking pictures of things," said Sandra.

If the skiing doesn't draw you to Bethel, maybe the ghosts will.