(NEWS CENTER) -- The future is NOW Maddox Romero and Mykayla Palmer with their first bass caught in Saco. Not sure if it’s their first bass ever, but definitely first basses in Saco. Love the spelling on Mykayla!

First fish for Morgan Levesque. It was a sunfish and it appears to be a sunny day. So all is right with the world. Fishing in the rain is pretty cool too.

Gotta catch ‘em all. Ha. Pokemon reference. Because of Grayson’s shirt there. Anyway, this is Grayson with his first catch. Yep, it’s a sunfish. Great job Grayson.

Just do it. Ha, because of Hunter’s t-shirt there. Just catch bass like my buddy Hunter Lord. That is a sweet looking fish there buddy.

Check it out. It’s a twofer. Two fish. One lure. The man behind the pisces play is Xavier Scott.

Xavier caught these two yellow perch on Plymouth Pond. Nicely done.

Holy cow what a whopper. This is Elizabeth with her first ever largemouth bass. They say the fish is 18 inches but it looks bigger than that. Maybe Liz is petite, because that fish is as big as her torso.

Speaking of huge. You remember my frog girl from earlier this year. Yeah, this is Eliana Bellows and man, that frog was HUGE. Well I got an update from Eliana . . . turns out she catches fish too. Cutie. I’m talking about Eliana not the pickerel.

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Loving the new cut Katie!