(NEWS CENTER) -- Last week I claimed that we were all out of July pictures . . . turns out I Ju-lied. Well, I guess I was mistaken. I could blame our beloved Big Ol’ Fish secretary Jenine, but NO this one’s on me. I’ve been terribly distracted by all these creepy clown sightings.

From July, Seven year old Stephen Richards with his first fish ever off the dock at Point Sebago Campground. I believe I’ve camped there as well. Great job Stephen.

Straight from the St. John River in beautiful Aroostook county comes this monster Muskie.

This forty six inch, twenty seven pound monster Muskie caught by Tom Wolters. Great fish Tom.

Four year old Bradley Lawson caught his first fish at Pettingill Pond in Windham. Here’s Bradley along with his dad Chris.

Another four year old first timer, this is Jordan Carter from York with his first bass. Jordan caught this bass while kayaking with HIS dad.

Jayde McLain who is 5 and was fishing in Palmyra. Let’s see, that’s probably White’s Pond, but I guess it could be Hicks or Douglas. Looks like Jayde’s got a bunch of fish for a good ol’ fashioned fish fry.

Jon Buckingham Jr. caught this white perch while fishing at Dolby Pond in Millinocket. Dolby Pond by the way . . . the only Pond in Maine that’s in stereo.

That should put a bow on the July pictures for this year. If I missed your picture I want to hear about it. Give me or Jenine a poke on facebook and we’ll get that fish picture on tv for you pronto.