*UPDATE 3/20 4:45p – A sad ending to an uplifting story: rehab officials said Monday that they had to euthanize the duck. The frostbite and fractures were ultimately too much for the bird to survive.

Officials noted that although it was an unfortunate outcome, the duck was kept as comfortable as possible over the weekend while it was being treated.

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — An injured duck was rescued Friday from the icy Presumpscot River in Westbrook by firefighters and wardens, providing the bird with a fighting chance to survive.

Following a report on Thursday afternoon of a duck stuck on the river, NEWS CENTER went to the scene by Riverbank Park off of Main Street to check it out. The bird was in the middle of the river, which was slightly frozen over due to recent cold temperatures.

The duck appeared to be in some sort of distress but there was no way to truly know without getting closer. After more than an hour, the photographer left the scene, in hopes that the duck would either find its escape or receive attention from authorities, who had already been contacted.

Friday morning, the bird was retrieved by Engine 4 firefighters and handed over to game wardens, who arranged for a safe passage to Avian Haven in Freedom, Maine.

Officials at the rehab center said on Friday afternoon that the duck had injuries to the wing and foot, as well as frostbite, which was their biggest concern. It was in guarded condition as of early Friday night.