SEBEC, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Some hunters got a surprise this weekend when they shot what they thought was a buck. They were about to start field dressing the deer when they realized they found something rare.

Hunter, John Burdick of Paxton, Massachusetts shot an 8-point antler female deer -- or doe. The deer was unique because of its gender. The doe weighed in at 244 pounds, and the dressed weight was 185 pounds.

"This is obviously unique experience for me because I've never shot an animal quite like this, and I was pretty surprised when I discovered that it was a unique animal."

John Poole, a registered Maine guide and the owner of the Rockin P. Sporting Lodge, was equally bewildered when he saw it. At first glance, he didn't expect the deer to be a female.

"The feet of the deer had the big dewclaws and the tracks that were leaving the marks were completely typical of a buck."

The hunters were impressed by Burdick's single shot to the animal. Either way, the rare white-taled doe had everyone stumped. Maine Game Warden, Sara Miller said she's never seen anything like this before. Miller is in contact with a state wildlife biologist who will officially examine the deer.