PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Portland's Victoria Mansion is almost ready for Christmas. For the last 33 years, various designers have decorated different rooms in the mansion for the holidays.

The Christmas display is not officially open yet — that happens Friday — but NEWS CENTER got a sneak peek at the early magic of the Victoria Mansion Monday.

Three decades of holiday tradition, and it's still taking people's breath away.

“I think it's glorious,” regular visitor Anne Cline said. “I think this room … can’t you just imagine what it was like?”

Cline has been coming to the Christmas display at Victoria Mansion in Portland for years. She got a sneak peak at the 2016 decorations with several others close to the mansion in a private party.

This included meeting the designers of the various rooms, like Gail Diamon of Dodge, the florist who helped design the dining room.

“It's really a New England feel,” she said. “We tried to keep it elegant as well because we have this beautiful dining room to do, kind of, woodsy, and a lot of pine and cones and sleigh rides … just what you think of as Christmas time.”

She said reactions like Anne's are typical to the elaborate holiday decorations. “Most people are overwhelmed."

For Anne, it's a family tradition at Christmas time.

“It's wonderful. It's a wonderful place,” she said. “I bring my grandchildren here. They are intrigued. My 7- and 8-year-olds, they love it. They think it's like magic.”

The general public can first step inside to see the display Friday, including a room from a new designer that you'll have to see with your own eyes.