AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — For people with disabilities, things that are like second nature for most, may be extremely difficult if not unattainable.

Caleb Bisson is a 15 year-old ninth grader at Edward Little High School in Auburn.

Caleb’s mother Lisa says he suffers from an ischemic brain injury and has a neuro musculoskeletal disorder.

“When you have special needs life is a challenge. It is a challenge for Caleb to leave his home, he struggles to meet people, and have friends. Even the most basic things are a challenge.”

So naturally when Caleb went bowling, for the first time without bumpers, he got extremely excited when he scored not one, or two but three strikes in a row!

Caleb and his classmates train for the bowling event in Special Olympics every couple of weeks at Sparetime in Lewiston.

On Caleb’s first practice, he was nervous when he learned he wasn’t using bumpers.

Lisa says the first two rounds were rocky with Caleb barely hitting a pin. Lisa encouraged her son to throw the ball right “down the middle” and those words of encouragement seem to have done the trick.

Caleb’s school aid, Mike Aldrich took video after video of Caleb knocking down every pin then running up to him to celebrate with a high-five.

Caleb Bisson is a ninth grader in Lewiston who recently scored three strikes in a row while training for Special Olympics bowling. His video is worth more than a thousand words. 

Lisa Bisson says her son was so proud of his three strikes in a row (plus two spares and another strike that string) that he has been showing the videos to his peers and teachers.

Lisa says Caleb is loving the attention of his accomplishment and has welcomed all the praise from friends and family.

Caleb will be competing in the Special Olympics bowling in April.

Way to go Caleb, keep looking straight down the middle.

Caleb with his older brother Noah who is very proud of his bowling skills.