SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — An unexpected visitor is making friends with a farm worker in North Saco.

Stacy Grant says a young moose got up close and personal with a farm worker named Ken Beaudoin at Grant's Farm.

Stacy says the moose snuggled close to Ken's face even giving him a little smooch and followed him as he did his chores Friday evening.

Stacy told NEWS CENTER her husband, Rick, passed away at the farm back in February. Ken has been helping her with the commercial vegetable farm ever since her husband passed.

The moose returned on Saturday and Sunday following Ken around the farm.

While Ken is fondly referring to the moose as "moose", Stacy says she believes the moose is a sign from her late husband, reassuring her that everything is okay, and thanking Ken for helping to run the large farm.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries says young moose are shooed away by their mothers in the spring before new calves are born. Officials say calves can often be found in unusual places this time of year as they search for food.