(NEWS CENTER) -- We know it to be true. Maine Lobster rolls are the best.

But the website Thrillest aims to explain the concept to "non-Mainers."

The site spoke with Luke's Lobster, Maine-style slingers with locations from New York to Bethesda to Chicago and beyond. Here's why they thought Maine Lobster rolls reign supreme!

1. They use Maine lobster

"When one thinks of what state is famous for lobsters, one thinks of Maine. Lobsters from there are the best in the world due to the cold, non-polluted waters and sustainable management of the fishery."

2. They don't use tail meat

"The delicate flesh of the knuckle and claw are where the best flavor and texture are."

3. They're not "dragged through the garden"

"Maine-style ensures the lobster shines with each bite, not an herb garden."

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