ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The student-run organization called "Black Bear Food Guild" at the University of Maine has started planting seeds for this season's community-supported agricultural share program.

The program is available to everyone and it provides fresh produce on a weekly basis to customers that purchase "shares." Shares come in three different price points - $500 for a full share which is recommended for three to four people, $325 for a half share which is recommended for two people, and $175 for a quarter share which is recommended for one person.

The guild leaders, Parker Anderson, Kameron Haines, Madison Lawler and Ian MacLellan, are sustainable agriculture students at UMaine.

Anderson is a sophomore and has been part of the program for two years. She hopes to become a small organic vegetable farmer and she said that she enjoys the program because she is able to apply what she has learned in the classroom. She believes that "a lot of problems in society stem from how food is grown and where it comes from," and that therefore it is important to grow your own food.

According to Haines, agriculture is a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, and he said that by growing produce locally, it can benefit the planet as a whole.

The 2017 Good Guild season starts in mid-June through early October, and customers will be able to pick up their weekly shares at the Rogers Farm in Old Town.