Portland Beer Week is November 6th - 12th. Liquid Riot , a brewery and distillery in Portland, is participating and they're making a beer cocktail every day of the week.

Three Wheel Motion
1 oz Liquid Riot Agave Spirit "Aguardient"
.5 oz Campari
.5 oz Lemon
.25 oz Brown simple syrup
2 dashes Orange Bitters
Top Off Liquid Riot Primus (Belgian Table Beer)
Shake all above except the Primus, double strain, top with beer and garnish with lemon zest
Glassware: Coupe

Something To Talk About
1.5 oz Gin
1 oz Liquid Riot Fernet Michaud
1 oz Liquid Riot Sour Trouble (Sour Brown Ale)
.5 oz Lime juice
.75 oz Simple Syrup
Garnish Mint Leaf
Shake all the above and double strain, garnish with a single mint leaf
Glassware Single Old Fashion (preferred tea cup)

To Be Determined
1 oz Liquid Riot Old Port Bourbon Whiskey
1 oz Liquid Riot Headstash IPA
.75 oz Cocchi Rosso
.75 oz Pimm's
1 oz Lemon juice
.5 oz Simple syrup
Peychaud Bitters float
Shake all the above except Peychaud bitters and double strain over fresh ice, garnish with lemon zest
Glassware Double Old Fashion