Chef Tim Labonte from Eve's at the Garden in Portland shares his recipes for shrimp and tuna ceviches. These are some of the dishes you can find at the restaurant's Easter buffet.

Eve’s at the Garden
Executive Chef Tim Labonte
Ceviche two ways, Tuna in the raw or grilled & chilled Shrimp

Basic Peruvian Style Ceviche Ingredients: serves 4
● 8 oz sushi grade tuna loin, 1/4” to ½” dice.  This depends on your personal preferences.  Grilled and chilled shrimp are a good alternative If cooked seafood is your preference. 
● ¼ cup of each of the following, all diced at ¼” size / Poblano pepper / red bell pepper / yellow bell pepper / red onion
● 2 oz fresh blood orange juice
● 2 oz fresh lime Juice
● 1 TBL Ahi Amarillo Paste, this is a specialty market item
● ¼ bunch cilantro washed and roughly chopped.  Dill works well if using shrimp for the recipe
● Heavy pinch of Kosher Salt, at least 1 tsp
● Fresh Ground Black Pepper
● Rough Chopped Corn Nuts
● Drizzle of Olive Oil

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, except for black pepper, corn nuts and olive oil.  Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes before serving to allow flavors to develop. 
Ready to Serve
Taste for proper seasoning as the salt & citrus should really come out after a brief rest. Place Chilled Ceviche in desired serving bowl, sprinkle top with corn nuts, ground black pepper and a light drizzle of oil.  Serve with either fresh made corn tortilla chips or a good quality store bought product

Chef Notes:
1. When choosing seafood for this recipe always be sure to talk with the staff at your local fish market as they can guide you in making the best decisions based on your needs.
Enjoy & May your life and stomach always be full