(NEWS CENTER) -- Timing and bad news....

We all know the feeling. we've all done something wrong.. overdrew an account, gambled, drank, cheated.. when do I tell my partner?

Therapist Jack Burke is here to help us navigate the situation.

1. Take a moment to think through WHY you are telling your partner. Are you trying to do the right thing or just spin doctor/manipulate? It's easier to be strong (and sound reasonably intelligent) when you are doing the right thing!

2. Give your partner time to "digest" the news. Don't deliver the news as he/she is leaving for work or getting ready for bed. Also, not with alcohol, not in the car, not during another argument, and daytime is better than night.

3. And for the one who receives the bad news, take time to manage your anger. Your first response may not be what you want to have follow you. You may need to go to the gym, split some wood, go for a walk or do something to manage your first wave of anger.