Forty-five years ago this month Bill Green joined NEWS CENTER. Since then, the Bangor native and University of Maine alumnus has become a household name in the state.

So it's only fitting that on Maine's birthday we congratulate him on 45 years of intrepid storytelling, witty perspective and unwavering dedication to sharing all of the state's greatest adventures.

We're all so very proud of you, Bill.

Now, just because some of us weren't around in 1972, here's a look back at what was going on in the world when Bill first began his journey at NEWS CENTER:

- March 2: NASA launches unmanned spacecraft Pioneer 10 toward Jupiter. Communication was lost in 2003, but it's still out there. (As of Jan. 1, 2016, it was predicted to be about 10 billion miles from Earth traveling at 26,900 mph)
- March 11: Carnival Cruise Lines makes its first voyage, as "Mardi Gras" departs from Miami for an eight-day cruise
- March 12: Celtics retire Bill Russell's No. 6
- March 15: "The Godfather" debuts in theaters