WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Cat lovers converged in Westbrook to compete for the titles of finest felines at the Nauticat Cat Show.

The event was part of a year long competition season under TICA, The International Cat Association. Dozens of cats were featured at the Westbrook Armory on Sunday as they competed in multiple categories focusing on breed, color, coat and other traits.

Owners and breeders who show the cats traveled near and far, some coming from across town while others made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean from the country of Poland. Showmen spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on travel, grooming, and upkeep of their animals, but those in the cat show community say their love for their pets is what drives them.

Competitors at the Nauticat Cat Show on Sunday gathered points that could help their feline secure a spot among TICA's top 25 ranked cats in the world. The season ends at the end of April.