AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A veteran in Maine was thanked for his services this Veterans Day in a spectacular way.

He began his meal at Mac's Grill in Auburn Friday sitting alone, but that didn't last for long.

Melissa Sproul of Lewiston was eating lunch with her husband that day when she said a couple went up to the veteran and asked him if he would like to join them.

"It was so touching," Sproul told NEWS CENTER. "It just seemed like it had made his Veterans Day."

Sproul said she saw the veteran open up to his new company, engaging in non-stop conversation with the couple while enjoying their meal together.

For its fifth year in a row, the steakhouse was offering it's Free Burgers for Veterans on Veterans Day, which presumably brought the veteran in. But that's not the only way the restaurant honored this veteran and other servicemen and servicewomen Friday.

As lunchtime was wrapping up, Mariah, a Mac's Grill employee and Edward Little student, began to sing The Star-Spangled Banner to patrons, an act co-owner Mike Peters said the restaurant has begun to perform at lunch and dinner during the annual event.

Sproul said Mariah either got choked up or became nervous while singing the anthem, and that's when the entire restaurant stood up and joined in.

"There were so many tears after the song," she said. "It was so nice. I still can't believe I witnessed [it]."

"It was a pretty touching moment," Peters said.

Both Sproul and Peters were unsure whether the veteran was local to the area, so for now, he remains anonymous. But for a day of honoring, it's safe to say this veteran left the restaurant feeling at least slightly more proud to have served his country than he had before.