(NEWS CENTER) -- Easily missed in the weekend blitz of online gags from April 1st -- was the temporary gaming launch on the world's most popular online mapping system.


Google added Pac-Man as a mapping side feature on their website and mobile apps. 

The element, which can be used by clicking on a Pac-Man icon in the lower left of your screen, will automatically teleport your local map to that of a Pac-Man inspired game board.
Some users have noticed that if your local area is too obscure, due to lack of roads, that Google will place the game in a random location.
As recently as 2015, Google added a Pac-Man gaming feature as an April Fools' Day mapping distraction. Take note, this time the game features Ms. Pac-Man, who is distinguished by the tiny bow on her head.
The Pac-Man option may only be available to app users who have the most current version releases.
The game portal will stay active until April 4th.