(NEWS CENTER) -- Running out of creative ways to serve up rotisserie chickens from the super market?

That feeling when it's 4:45, you have no idea what's for dinner and you running from soccer practice to violin lessons?

Ever find yourself skipping meals because there was nothing prepped and ready to go... Only to end up eating out of a pint of Ben & Jerry's in front of the TV at 9:00 pm?

Imagine a world where you get home from your day, whatever that looks like and you know what's for dinner...? Or even better... It's already cooked and ready?

Here are some tips, courtesy of Heidi Symonds, our holistic health coach.

  • Be willing to plan. Think ahead. Come from a proactive place rather than a reactive place. Look at the calendar. What's going on this week? When do you have time to cook and do your meal prep.
  • Get creative. Grab a magazine, get on Pinterest, search online, go through your favorite cook book.
  • Determine what foods you like. Get the kids involved. What do they want to eat? How can you engage them in the process? What are your parent's favorite meals?
  • Map it out, create a list and fill your fridge with foods you like, but allow yourself to be inspired in the moment. Cook once, eat as many times as possible.
  • Main course with lots of sides to then mix and match as you go through the week. Make leftovers fun! It doesn't have to be the same thing over and over.
  • Have fruits and veggies cut up and easy to grab for a salad snacks. Have clean, lean protein available to throw on top or in a lettuce wrap with veggies.
  • And never underestimate the power of a crockpot! Cook your meals while you're sleeping or at work. It doesn't get easier than that!

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