(NEWS CENTER) -- It’s the beginning of October, or as I like to refer to it . . . Shock-tober. Here’s a little October surprise for you, with the advent of this particular episode I am officially working from photos submitted in August. Remember that month? Eight year old Paige Kelch was visiting from lovely Cape Coral Florida just to go fishing with her grandparents here in Maine. Paige caught a bass and had a blast on Stump Pond.

Nick Welch has been on the Big Ol’ Fish program a few times now. If memory serves, Nick has caught a couple of these giant pikes. This ten pound guy was taken appropriately enough, from Great Pond in Belgrade. Great Job Nick and great fish.

This is Three year old Cam the man Jones. Cameron is from Mariaville and caught a bass. His first by the way. Cam, I’m loving those sweet fish jams. Buddy.

We’re big on bass this week, here’s another. This is Josh Perry on, NAY actually IN Washington Pond. I like to wade out while fishing too Josh.

We’re getting the thumbs up from Alivia Every in Livermore celebrating her first largemouth bass. Great fish Alivia. That looks to be about a four pounder. Yes? No? Let me know.

Where have I seen this kind of set up recently? I can’t remember, but even though they’re bass buddies. I like to think that Logan McKee on the left there and Ben Lewis on the right are maybe having a debate as to who got the better bass, or who’s the better fisherman, or what are we going to do about this economy? Ha we’ll have more coverage on our Voice of the Boater special coming up in November.

Meantime you can check out our fishing polls on our facebook page. Ha fishing polls. That’s as political as it gets here folks. What’s that saying? The problem with political jokes is . . .

They get elected.