South Thomaston, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- John Kaznecki is a retired machinist who loves to take pictures. He needs to be on locations at dawn, dusk and beneath the stars. Rather than rent motels which can be expensive and noisy, he built his own tiny house on wheels to take him into various locations.

His home made accommodations "are screwed and glued," he told NEWS CENTER. "There are over 600 screws and five gallons of glue. The roof is canvas over plywood.

John starts his production on a five and a half foot by ten foot trailer from Tractor Supply. He then buys as much as he can locally including all the lumber from E. L. Spear.

He built one, but he thought it wasn't right. He notes that he sold it to someone who takes it all over the country.

The second is called "Acadia Traveler." It's 61 square feet and contains a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom including a shower.

"I have a 100 watt solar panel on the roof which goes to a deep cycle battery in the front," he says.

Part of the fun is figuring out to improve the tiny house. He also likes that people drop by to say hello.

"It;s brought a lot of smiles to peoples' faces."