DENMARK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Watsons are a family of hunters. The passion comes from father Sean. He is a teacher at Kennebunk High School who coaches girls basketball and golf at Fryeburg Academy. He and his son Jack were out on Youth Hunting Day. Jack is the younger of two children.

"The greatest thing my parents ever did for me was take me camping and hunting and fishing, so I got a real appreciation for the outdoors," Sean said. He quickly added that he wanted to pass those opportunities on to his family.

His wife Pam is a kindergarten teacher in Fryeburg. She has taken to hunting since marrying Sean, giving it up for a while when their children were small.

Now Allison is a sophomore at the University of Maine, and Jack is a freshman at Fryeburg.

During moose season, both of the kids shot moose. They did it on the same day within minutes of each other and just miles apart. Jack's was an 875-pound moose with a 42-inch rack. Allison's was an 890-pound moose with a 52-inch rack.

Sean and Jack did not get a deer on opening day. Ironically, they saw a moose while hunting.