LYMAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- No one saw the accident, but several heard it. By the time friends got to Brandon Dudley, he was unconscious. When he awakened he could not feel his legs.

Thanks to two years of hard work and the support of many friends, Brandon Dudley climbed back on his dirt bike last week and headed on to the track.

He's not racing yet, but expects to someday. "When I got on, I spent ten minutes in the field and I got thinking, 'This is boring.'"

The next time he was out on the track with his fellow racers during practice sessions.

Brandon drives a specially modified bike. He's strapped into a special seat and has a cage which resembles a race car's roll bars.

Brandon recognizes that he could not have done it without the help of many friends. He asked NEWS CENTER to pass on his thanks to his brother Logan, Matt and Lisa True at Servpro, the entire True Family, Doug, Henry and Mike Treadwell, Wiscasset Speedway, Howie's Welding, Custom Fabrication and many of his friends.

It's a great team effort which has one very happy biker back on the track ready to celebrate his 22nd birthday on Thursday.