PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --  The Outdoor Sports Institute has split away from the Maine Winter Sports Center.  It is attempting a broader mission, that of offering more sports to more people statewide.

At the core of its offerings is the Biathlon Development Program. Maine Winter Sports poured $32-million in Maine's sporting infrastructure building biathlon centers, cross-country ski trails and redeveloping three local ski areas.

While they boast of a $100 million impact in northern and western Maine, not much was seen from its biathlon development program.

However, this year has been something of a breakthrough with Lowell Bailey winning a gold medal at the Biathlon World Championships and Cody Johnson of Fort Kent sweeping the National Junior Championships.

Now, OSI has announced a new sponsor -- Auto Europe focuses on car rentals in Europe and other destinations around the world. The company employs 250 people in Portland. 

Bailey could become the first American to win an Olympic medal.  Johnson could take a spot on the American Olympic Team for the 2022 Games in Beijing.

Johnson maintains a GoFundMe page. Click on the link if you would like to read his story or make a contribution.