Blue Hill, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- As she relaxes in her home in Blue Hill, it's easy to determine that Anne Hall is a Maine native. She can talk about her family history owning the Bradford Camps on Munsungen Lake or chuckle over her college days at UMaine where she was a Tri-Delt.

However, on matters of state she turns serious, concerned and precise. Exactly what one might expect a diplomat to be.

"My mother says it was in my soul," muses one of America's newest Ambassadorships.

Ambassador Hall has served from China to Brazil to the Baltics.

She says that Lithuania is solidly allied with the U. S. and looks at Russia with concern. "The Baltics will always be watching very closely, not only the United States, but what the rest of Europe is doing in regards to Russia," she said..

She loves her service there and only wishes she "could do more."

As for her life in Foreign Service she says, "If you like to learn; If you want to keep learning your entire life; I can't imagine anything better."