Cumberland, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- Look! Up the sky! It's the NEWS CENTER drone taking aerial shots of the interesting people, places and things of Maine.

"I feel like I'm a pilot!" laughed Devin Crawford an award winning photographer and editor who works on 207. "We should be wearing leather jackets with matching patches and goggles!"

Four NEWS CENTER employees went through the taxing training needed to become FAA licensed drone pilots.

New laws regulate drone flight strictly. For example, drones may not fly within five miles of airports, above 500 feet or over peoples' heads.

The drones will enable NEWS CENTER photographers to give interesting and beautiful perspectives to their stories.

""We have so many beautiful events in Maine," said Digital Producer Beth McEvoy. "This will give people a chance to see the scope of these events as well as the beautiful scenery."

It will also enable the photographers to gather comprehensive establishing shots which are essential in story telling. Often, an establishing shot is the first video of a story. An overview of a scene sometimes serves this function perfectly.

"Think sled dog race, think Huckfest and canoe race, " said Kirk Cratty of Bill Green's Maine. "Whenever you're in big country, subject matter can be lost. To be able to get up above it is so critical."

The drone went into service two weeks ago and already has been used on several stories.