MT. KATAHDIN TOWNSHIP, Maine  (NEWS CENTER) -- Abol Trail was one of the most popular ways to get to Baxter Peek at the top of Mt. Katahdin. The highlight of the trail was a steep ascent up Abol Slide.

However, a rock slide in 2014 closed that trail. It will be open by July 4, 2016 thanks to the efforts of crews from the Maine Conservation Corp and Baxter State Park.

"I look at it as a legacy project," said Stuart Blanchard of Winthrop the leader of a crew that spent the summer working on the new trail. They punched through the forest to the top of Abol Slide on September 17.

Baxter State Park Director Jensen Bissell did most of the planning for the trail. Despite modern technology such as GPS, Bissell spent a great deal of time bushwacking through the thickly grown forest looking for the right ground on which to put the trail.

"Despite our modern technology, you still have to get out in this with a roll of flagging," chuckled Bissell who called the effort one of the great pleasures of his career.

The new trail is an estimated 6500 feet, making Abol 1500 feet longer. However, it's easier and safer climbing than on the old slide.