NEWCASTLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — There actually is a place in Maine called Cowshit Corner. The name comes from an accident which occurred there. There was a dairy shed above a T-intersection. Rain would wash residue from the cow manure into the road and create a slippery surface.

One day, a new letter carrier drove to the intersection too fast. When he applied the brakes, he slid through the intersection into a field and hit a utility pole.

Back at the post office, he was asked where the accident took place. He responded in anger, "Cowshit Corner," and the name stuck.

Now, even nice little children in the town refer to the intersection by that name. There is only one such place in the world, as far as we know.

About 100 yards from the now famous intersection stands the business of Millard Hassan. He makes hoes for wormers and clam diggers. He is a great Maine character and recently appeared on the cable TV show, "Filthy Riches."

Millard found it odd that a show with that name didn't pay him anything.