Gray, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- Fourteen thousand Mainers are licensed to hunt with muzzle loaders. For some, this season is their favorite of the year. It's colder. The woods are more quiet. Often, there is snow on the ground.

Adam Copp of Howell's Indoor Range and Gun Shop says many hunters are going to in-line muzzleloaders. The are more reliable, accurate and safe than antique muzzleloaders.

Copp said, that the ability to reload fast is important as well. "We can clean these in 30 seconds and reload them in less time.

Adam's fiancee is the Outreach Coordinator for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Britt Humphrey runs programs such as Becoming an Outdoor Woman and is on the Pro-Staff at Cabella's.

She says muzzleloaders enjoy having the woods to themselves, "It just gives you that two weeks to get out there in the woods with less people out there."

Denny Denham is an ardent sportsman. He thinks, even with an inline muzzleloader, hunters get a sense of the old days by hunting with only one round in their rifle, "You have to take your time and I think while you're hunting you get flashbacks of the way that it was a couple hundred years ago and that's kind of neat."

Muzzleloading season goes on until Saturday.