BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Rafael Grossmann will forever be a footnote in history as the first physician to use Google Glass during live surgery, which made the process easier.

"It did, but not so much making the surgery easier, but allowing me to stream my perspective of the surgery and connect me virtually with students," said the gregarious Venezuelan native who has been in the Bangor area for more than 10 years.

He didn't think the operation was that significant but noted it on his blog, A friend who writes for Forbes called him with a question.

"Can I write a piece on that?" the friend asked.

Within a few hours, he had 50,000 readers and Rafael's feat was reported around the world.

"It was all over the world," Grossmann said. "Google is very sexy and when someone used the glass in the [operating room] — pretty amazing."

The son of a physician, Rafael did a year of research in Chicago and his residency at The University of Michigan. After eight years in the U.S. and the birth of three children, the family tried to go back to Venezuela, but he said, "home was not the same."

He chose the quality of life here and Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Recognizing that Google Glass is now the Model T of smart glass, Grossmann continues to move on to bigger and better things, still pushing the envelope to make health care better for the patient.