CASCO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Monty Vogel describes his tour of Vietnam as a blur. A lot can happen in a year.

Now, one battle stands out. After 46 years, the former Lt. Vogel dubbed off an audio tape he happened to make during a five-day fight in Pleiku.

Vogel headed up a Mobile Advisory Team (MAT) team of five people. At Phu Nhon, he was in an observation post.

He would climb up some sandbags around the wooden team house, crawl up the metal corrugated roof, then climb a wooden tower using a straight ladder. After reaching his post, he would pull up the ladder in case the enemy got in the compound.

The tape recorded the confusion of battle as American, South Vietnamese and native troops from the Montagnard community tried to organize attacks against troops from the North Vietnamese.

The battle has helped link the Portland native with other veterans.

Among those receiving copies of the CD are a Major who is writing a book about the battle and a New Hampshire man whose father and namesake was killed in that battle.