CAMBRIDGE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A beautiful farm in Cambridge, Maine, covered with corn. Seems an unlikely place to find a most recent Nobel Prize winner. However, it is home to Dr. Jeffrey Cooper Hall, his seven dogs and three Harleys.

Hall studied fruit fly neurology and behavior determining that daily rhythms exist. The knowledge gained in this groundbreaking work can be applied to most other animals and humans. It was the groundwork for a great deal of work currently being down on cures for disorders that may be caused by malfunctions in our internal clocks.

These projects involve pharmaceutical cures for everything from jet lag to bipolar disorders.

"We knew we were discovering new things, but we didn't know just how important the work was," mused Hall as be puffed a cigarette on his front porch.

Meet the Mainer who just won a Nobel Prize

Hall grew up in Washington D.C. and attended Amherst College. He did graduate work at the University of Washington and Caltech. Most of his research was conducted at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.