BREMEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Kitty Breskin-Muscongus Bridge is newly done and an example of a bridge that exists between the Maine Department of Transportation and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The agencies have struggled for years as one attempted to control costs of creating roads and the other attempted to protect fish population.

A recent agreement between the two now allows an expedited process for dealing with roads where they cross streams and rivers.

"What we thought was a win-win would be to expand the size of the culverts and bridges to provide much better fish passage, but would get quicker turnaround," said Joyce Taylor Chief Engineer for the Maine Department of Transportation.

Taylor thinks, despite the added expense of larger projects, there may actually be a savings. She told NEWS CENTER, "Process costs money." She added that limiting the bureaucracy can eliminate over-engineering and tedious oversight and "that's time that could be spent on other things. That's going to save the state of Maine money all day long."