VASSALBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Maine has a high number of vehicle-deer accidents, and the greatest amount comes in November.

Maine had more than 4,000 accidents last year. November averages 700 such crashes over the last 10 years, which is an average of 23 a day.

Some animals end up at the Wildlife Care Center in Vassalboro. Don and Carleen Cote do animal rehabilitation. They currently have 17 deer, including a dozen fawns.

"We can save about half of them," Don said. He has been in the activity for 51 years.

The Department of Transportation keeps intricate statistics about accidents. They place signs along the roadway where there is a high number of accidents.

"We're not putting signs there to try to train the deer," quipped Mark Latti of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The state makes recommendations about what drivers should do if they find themselves in an unavoidable accident with a deer or moose. The first thing is come off your brakes just before the strike, aim at the animal's tail and duck down to minimize your injuries.