(NEWS CENTER) -- According to sources, including Yahoo! News, comedian Charlie Murphy, 57, died Wednesday.

Although Eddie has been a TV (and eventually film) icon since the 80's, Charlie, who was once barely known publicly, was relevant for years in the early 2000s.

Charlie's beginning taste of fame, and likely the peak of his profile, was after Dave Chappelle featured him on Chappelle's Show in 2004.

Two of the show's most iconic skits from the second season re-told events from Charlie's life from when he used to party with Rick James, who had himself passed away the previous summer.

After the skits aired on Chappelle's Show, which was the highest-rated cable television show to date, Charlie Murphy used the momentum to begin touring comedy clubs in NYC and LA (and elsewhere) culminating in Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize DVD release in 2010.

His brother Eddie Murphy has not yet commented publicly on his verified Facebook page.