SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Dominique Basil is a breast cancer survivor. She says it was the love and support of her friends and family that helped her beat cancer.

Dominique Basil of Scarborough is a breast cancer survivor.

Dominique's husband is a prostate cancer survivor. She helped him through his battle with cancer and then later she says, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, he was there for her to lean on.

"He was my rock."

Dominique says her husband reminded her that she could beat breast cancer and helped encourage her to stay strong. She says her son was a strength to her as well.

"He (my son) was there when I woke up from surgery."

Dominique practices yoga with her son. 

Not only was Dominique's family a support to her, but the women she practices yoga with buoyed her up and showed her support.

She says about ten of the women she practices yoga with met her on the morning before her surgery in the hospital. At 6:30 a.m., the women performed a healing chant with Dominique. She says it completely calmed her for her surgery.

"I went into surgery calm and woke up calm."

Dominique says her yoga group was a huge support to her during her battle with breast cancer. 

Dominique says her yoga friends brought her food and helped her during her recovery. Her experience with breast cancer she says, really showed her how much she was loved.

The service that her friends and family showed her made her think, "Wow. Am I loved that much?"

Dominique says she is ready to pay it forward.

She is joining the buddy program the support someone else because she feels that the love and support she received changed the outcome of her breast cancer journey.