AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Millions of dollars sit unclaimed in Augusta. The State Treasurer's Office wants to make sure that money you earned returns back to your pockets.

The Office of the State Treasurer mailed 3,000 postcards to people, who have been verified to have a correct address, to notify them to collect their unclaimed property. Since the postcards went out Monday, over $640,000 has been returned to Mainers. In this fiscal year, $5.3 million has been returned to their rightful owners.

If you have this post card, you have unclaimed property

Visit the Maine Unclaimed Property website and click "Get Started." You can easily search your name or a family member and see if you have a match. There is no fee to search or file a claim.

Treasurer Terry Hayes is running for Governor in 2018

Treasurer Terry Hayes is running for Governor in 2018, and that these postcards have been sent out the last four years.