SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital is always happy to accept gifts and donations during the holidays. Especially from those who are the same age as the sick patients in its hospital rooms.

Sam Rideout may be just nine years old, but he's not letting his age stop him from raising enough money to help sick kids. During the month of December, Rideout is collecting bottles and cans to raise $1,000. He'll use the funds to purchase a brady buggy for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

Sam Rideout collecting bottles in South Portland.

"They have to stay in the hospital for Christmas and they don't get to be running around in the snow and stuff," said Rideout.

The brady buggy will allow little patients to be rolled from room to room with their IV pole attached behind them. According to Bethany Kay, child life specialist, the brady buggy will be animal themed and add to the two that already exist at the hospital.

Bethany Kay, child life specialist at Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, demonstrates how a brady buggy is used.

"They can actually take these to procedures, so lets say they're going off the unit for something, they can ride in the brady buggy," said Kay. "It's more fun than riding in a wheel chair sometimes for kids."

Barbara Bush Children's Hospital is expected to receive three brady buggy donations during the holidays, including Rideouts.