Lee Nelson joined NEWS CENTER Maine in 1990 as anchor of The Morning Report.

Lee's first TV job was as a page at NBC in New York. He gave studio tours and helped seat the audience for The Cosby Show, Late Night With David Letterman, Donahue and Saturday Night Live. Lee's first on-air job was at WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He says it was the only station in the entire country that dared to hire him.

Lee hosts some of NEWS CENTER Maine's highest profile public service campaigns, such as "Teens Who Care", "Coats and Toys For Kids", the "Feed Maine Food Drive" and "Alive And Well". He also hosts the annual Maine Business Hall Of Fame Awards which are put on every year by Junior Achievement, and he appears at countless charity events in the greater Portland area.

Over the years, Lee has received several broadcasting awards, including a national award from the EPA in 1992 for his environmental reporting.

Lee's father (also named Lee Nelson) was the first anchorman in Maine ever to do a live TV newscast. He worked for WABI in Bangor in the early 1950s.

Lee lives in Falmouth with his wife Cindy Williams, the evening anchor here at NEWS CENTER Maine. They have two sons, Xander and Noah. When Lee's not working, he spends his time working out, playing basketball and football, doing karate, reading, and rooting for the Patriots, Celtics and Sox.

You can find Lee on Facebook here: Lee Nelson and on Twitter her @anchordude.


Getting answers is our job at NEWS CENTER Maine. But just this once, we put our team on the receiving end of the questions to show you another side of their personalities.

Q: Who had the biggest impact on shaping your career as a journalist?

A: My Dad. He anchored the first live TV newscast in the state of Maine on WABI TV in the early 50s, but he didn’t live long enough to see my TV career. And NBC’s Chuck Scarborough was another major influence. Chuck co-anchored with my Dad in Boston, and Chuck helped me get my first three TV jobs.

Q: Who belongs on your Mount Rushmore of Mainers?

A: Margaret Chase Smith, Stephen King, Joshua Chamberlain, Togus the Cat.

Q: What is your favorite New England sports memory?

A: Standing on the sideline in New Orleans as the Patriots won their first Super Bowl.

Q: What theme music should play when you enter a room?

A: The theme from "Gilligan’s Island."