Kristina Rex joined NEWS CENTER Maine in October of 2015 after graduating from Boston College (Go Eagles!). She started as a reporter for the MORNING REPORT in Bangor, and has moved through multiple shifts – eventually landing a spot as a reporter on the NEWS CENTER Now team.

Kristina has loved living and working in multiple parts of the Pine Tree State. Getting to know Mainers from every county has been the best part of her job. She’s reported from the Can-Am Crown Races in Fort Kent, all the way down to Kittery. Kristina also had the honor of reporting for NEWS CENTER Maine’s sister station KHOU after the devastating floods Hurricane Harvey brought to Houston, Texas.

Kristina is "from away.” She grew up in both Andover, Mass. and Wolfeboro, N.H. She’s New England through and through – and tries to convince Mainers that being “from away” isn’t so bad, especially when we all root for the same sports teams!

Kristina believes that storytelling is the most powerful way to impact change and make people feel something. She loves finding unique people and stories. She also loves investigations, digging into data to find the answers Mainers are looking for.

When she’s not reporting, Kristina loves singing, playing instruments, cooking, dancing, and spending time with her family and friends.

If you have a story idea, feel free to email her at, follow her on Facebook, or tweet at her @KristinaRex.


Getting answers is our job at NEWS CENTER Maine. But just this once, we put our team on the receiving end of the questions to show you another side of their personalities.

Q: Who had the biggest impact on shaping your career as a journalist?

A: It’s hard to answer this one – either my little sister or ABC’s “Nightline” host, Juju Chang. I was at a NOAH (National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation) conference with my family because my sister, Katie, has albinism. Juju Chang was one of the guest speakers. She told us her harrowing story of going undercover in Tanzania, only to learn that albino people were hunted, killed, and sold for profit. It was heavy and hard to swallow, but it was also the moment I realized the impact of good journalism. Good journalism can help people who are helpless.

Q: What is the best way to eat lobster?

A: The best way to eat lobster is to dip it in copious amounts of melted butter. I love lobster, but it is best served as a vehicle for the unrestrained consumption of butter.

Q: Out of all the time you’ve spent outdoors in Maine, what sight has really stuck with you?

A: Otter Cliff at Acadia National Park. It’s so overwhelmingly large and beautiful that you feel on top of the world while standing there and looking out. I could hang out there (on a warm day) forever.

Q: What is the best way to enjoy snow?

A: Inside. With a spiked hot chocolate, a fuzzy blanket, good company, and a good book or movie. Or, you know, feeling the snow pellets beat your face while live on TV! That’s fun, too!

Q: What is your favorite New England sports memory?

A: Super Bowl LI! How can you beat a comeback from 28-3 at halftime? You can’t. I was working, and it’s still my favorite New England sports memory! I was covering Mainers watching the game at Binga’s in Portland, and I remember changing my script four or five different times, and eventually just giving up. I would text my producer “Okay, Pats are clearly going to lose. I’ll write a script about how disappointed these people are.” Ten minutes later it was “OMG, Pats might win. Writing a happy script.” Eventually, I just went on live TV with a crowd of excited fans! I had to wing it, and it was such a rush! I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Q: What theme music should play when you enter a room?

A: “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl because that is the most "extra" Broadway diva song I can think of!